Welcome to Serendipity Farm and Stables

Annual Open House
Third Saturday in May
12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Come meet and greet our animals and visit our barn classroom while enjoying some popcorn and drinks.
20% discount on camp/class sign ups during the Open House.

Serendipity Farm and StablesIt has often been said in many different ways, in many different cultures and languages that life is about the journey and not the destination. It is often the unplanned stops and events along the road to where we think we are going that are the happiest and most magical parts of our lives. Although it is said to be hard to define: Serendipity occurs when unexpected, but wonderful things happen to us while in the pursuit of a completely different goal. So we've thought there was no better name for a place "Where Dreams Are Born & Hopes Are Raised." Our greatest desire is that you visit with us along your journey and discover the joys and the special environment of Serendipity Farm & Stables.

~Vicky Pike, Owner & Founder

Our thematic programs are organized by certified teachers and instructors with years of experience.   Together we have created a nuturing, learning, and growth environment. Here, your child will discover confidence in themselves, meet new friends, and learn a love of animals and nature on our beautiful 15-acre farm.

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