Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we bring our own bicycle helmet for riding?

A: Yes, bicycle helmets are safe for riding.

Q: What should we wear?

A: Jeans and closed toe shoes are required to ride. Clogs, flip flop, any open toe shoes, sandals, and high heels are not permitted any where in the barn, pasture, or pond area. You do not need riding boots per se and we strongly discourage very pretty (often pink) cowboy boots. They will get dirty! Tennis shoes are fine. You can bring a pair of shorts to change into when not riding.

Q: Can we visit your farm?

A: Of course! Just call a few days ahead and let me know when you want to come. I often substitute teach and am not always home.

Q: For birthday parties, are younger children/siblings counted for the package amount?

A: Only the children who will be riding are counted.

Q: Can we bring our own cake for a birthday party?

A: Yes, we have a great bakery in Mount Vernon called The Pink Cupcake. They do a very nice My Pretty Pony cake. Their phone number is 740-392-2233 and their web site is

Q: Can you come to our school and do a presentation?

A: Yes, as a substitute teacher during the school year I can customize a presentation to what you may be studying at the time.

Q: Should we pack our lunch and is there refrigeration available?

A: Yes, you need to bring your own lunch. We have snacks, cold water, and a refrigerator in the barn.

Q: Can we use your farm for weddings or family reunions?

A: Anything is possible, I always say, contact me to discuss it.

Q: Do you offer any adult classes?

A: I will be offering spinning and felting classes soon, just contact me.

Q: I understand that working a horse farm is good exercise, can I help out?

A: You can certainly burn some calories here; just visit the Volunteer tab on the site for more info.

Q: I belong to a homeschool group, can we come and visit your farm?

A: Of course, I can customize a presentation to enhance a learning project.

Q: Do you sell your produce or fibers?

A: Not at this time, however, we do have plans for selling certain jams, butters and teas.
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