About Serendipity Farm & Stables

Adopt A Highway: Serendipity Farm & Stables photoWelcome to Serendipity Farm & Stables, a non-for-profit learning and growth farm facility. It has always been my dream to offer a safe and nurturing environment where all children can experience an exciting learning adventure from nature and animals.

Having taught for many years, especially in special education, I have experienced the positive impact of a non-stressed, open environment on children with physical, emotional, chronic, recuperative, and terminal illnesses.

We are constantly working to create such a balanced environment. A place that while teaching holistically encourages natural learning. We originally began by taking in unwanted animals. We were then asked to offer field trips for local schools, and the rest is history.

We have a wide variety of animals and we find that very often animals can make strong connections with children that people can not. These connections form a foundation from which children will blossom.

At Serendipity Farm & Stables, we believe in giving back.

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Serendipity Farm and Stables
24080 Sycamore Road
Gambier, Ohio 43022
A Learing & Growth Farm Facility