Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program

The Pegasus Program

The Pegasus ProgramOur beautiful farm was blooming, however, I still felt that something was missing. Like Pegasus, the great winged horse of mythology, the idea flew right to me. Pegasus flies to great heights, breaking free from all earthly ties to feel the wind and soar above all boundries. Every child should have the opportunity to fly with confidence and without assistance.

One day, my very insightful daughter Kelsey, brought to me what would be the eventual logo for this program, the image on the left. At first, it held a mystery I would later understand.

The Pegasus Program combines our experience in occupational/physical therapy, pilates/yoga, gymnastics and riding to create an individualized program (Equinastics) which works to meet the needs and goals of every student. This allows each student to develop a special relationship with their horse. A relationship where horse and rider work together slowly building strength, confidence, ecouragement and finally acheivement. In time each rider discovers a magical world that has opened. A world where life's imposed boundries give way to empowerment and disability becomes ability.

Some time later I glanced back at the logo my daughter designed and realized something. The wings; who did they belong to, the horse or the rider? Does the winged horse fly the rider to their new world, or does the rider, with the help of a new found friendship, realize the wings they've hd all along? I can 't answer this; only the rider can. We will leave the question to your rider; who do the wings belong to?

Our horse, TJSerendipity Farm and Stables motto, “Where dreams are born and hopes are raised”, is an expression of our mission statement which was created with programs exactly like therapeutic horseback riding program in mind.

The following forms must be filled out as part of the therapeutic riding program:

Also view the Rider's Manual.

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